Current fundings

Gender and Health Inequalities:  from embodiment to the health care cascade (GENDHI)

Holder: Pierre-Yves Geoffard (PSE)

Funding:European Research Coucil (ERC)

Starting in: July 2020 – Ending in: June 2026

The Gendhi project aims to understand, from an intersectional perspective, how gender interacts with class and “race” to construct social inequalities in health from early childhood to death. The research is structured around two complementary questions: (i) How are sick bodies socially constructed? (ii) To what extent do different uses of the health system and different forms of health care provision vary according to the gender of the sick person?  Four pathologies will be the subject of in-depth analysis: myocardial infarction and high blood pressure, depression, colorectal cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

How do you choose your partners? Experimental evidence on digital link formation

Holder: Margherita Comola (Université Paris-Saclay and PSE)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Starting in: December 2021 – Ending in: December 2025

A large body of literature has documented how social connections help explain important economic phenomena such as information transmission, technology adoption, job search, trade. However, we still know very little about the behavioral drivers of social interaction: how do people decide which links they want to form, and why? This research proposal explores the behavioral motives of link formation, with a focus on online social interactions: all motivating examples and illustrations are inspired by the recent expansion of digital platforms (e.g. online marketplaces, digital social networks) and their consequences (e.g. the rise of virtual negotiations, the spread of partisan information).

Identity and Health

Holder: Fabrice Etilé (PSE)

Funding:Axa Research

Starting in: September 2016 – Ending in: September 2023

This project investigates the role of personal and social identity in economic preferences and health-related behaviours, with a particular interest in the dynamics of transitions and breaks both at micro and macro levels.