Research done in the group is described along five themes. For each theme, clicking on the image leads to pages that describe the research projects.

Citizen participation, collective decision-making, theories of justicejustice sociale

Normative economics, criteria of social justice, procedures for deliberation and collective decision-making, political theory.

Franz Dietrich, Marc Fleurbaey, Jean-François Laslier, Max Lobeck, Pierre Pestiau, Stéphane Zuber.

Health Economics

Economic analysis of the health sector, health inequalities, food and health.

Bénédicte Apouey, Fabrice Etilé, Pierre-Yves Geoffard, Hélène Huber, Carine Milcent, Aleksandr Proshin, Lise Rochaix.

The Economics of Sport

The economics of the sporting sector, organisation of competitions, sports psychology, sociologies of supporters

Luc Arrondel, Martin Ferdandez-Sanchez, Jean-François Laslier .

Happiness, time, risks

Measuring subjective happiness, satisfaction at work and throughout life, attitudes towards uncertainty and time, long-term decisions, heritage management

Luc Arrondel, Arnold Chassagnon, Andrew Clark, Justine Jouxtel, André Masson, Claudia Senik.

Experimental economics and cognitive sciences

Individual decision making in interactive and social contexts, metacognition, neuro-economics, perceptual decision making, networks

Quentin Cavalan, Margherita Comola, Vincent de Gardelle, Nicolas Jacquemet, Jean-Christophe Vergnaud.